Why Golf?

Golf is unique from other sports because players learn values like honesty and responsibility by calling penalties on themselves and reporting their own score. The sport is a perfect platform for helping young people develop character because just like in life, players experience the highs and lows of the game.

First Tee Tri-Valley’s Life Skills Experience program introduces the game of golf and its inherent life skills to youth between the ages of 7-17. Our certified Instructors expose participants to fundamental golf and life skills that promote character development and life-enhancing values.

The 9 Core Values incorporated into our classes are:






Watch this video providing an overview of First Tee Life Skills Experience

Our Life Skills Experience is divided into seven levels: PLAYer, Tee, Par, Fairway, Birdie, Eagle and Ace. All participants new to the program start at the PLAYer level. Certification days are offered at the end of each session to allow participants to test into more advanced levels. The program is self-paced, encouraging participants to explore and assess their abilities to meet the established requirements.

We offer 4 sessions a year. The participants come once a week for 8 weeks. Each class is 1.5 hours

The outline below describes the particular topics introduced at each level of the program:

PLAYer Level (ages 7 and older)

  • Basic Fundamentals- grip, stance, connection
  • Basic Fundamentals- chipping, putting, full swing
  • Rules, Etiquette and Life Skills
  • Complete PLAYer level yardage book

Tee Level

  • Reinforce PLAYer level golf skills with a focus on consistent connection
  • Par Level
  • Putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing
  • Golf course experience
  • Basic rules of golf
  • How to play quickly and safely
  • Applying the 9 Core Values to real life situations
  • Complete Par Level yardage book

Fairway Level

  • Reinforce Par level golf skills with a focus on more consistency on the golf course

Birdie Level

  • Course management
  • Club selection
  • Advanced rules of golf and etiquette
  • Goal setting
  • Complete Birdie Level yardage book

Eagle Level (middle school and high school)

  • Developing Pre-shot routine and maximizing benefits of practice sessions
  • Continue to improve course management strategy
  • Improve tournament performance
  • The importance of respecting others, appreciating diversity and resolving conflicts
  • How to maintain a healthy body and mind
  • Complete Eagle Level yardage book

Ace Level (high school)

  • Complete project which encourages others to enjoy golf for life
  • Investigate career possibilities
  • Volunteer in the Tri-Valley community
  • Explore educational opportunities

Here’s some of the fun programs we offer!

Target Class for 5 and 6 Year Olds!

First Tee Tri-Valley offers classes specifically for 5-6 year olds! They consist of fun activities designed to prepare the children to play golf. Target classes run on the same 4 season calendar as our traditional Life Skills Experience classes. They meet one hour a week for 8 weeks.

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LPGA – USGA Girls Golf

LPGA – USGA Girls Golf creates a network for girls to learn to play golf, build friendships and sample competition in a “non-threating environment.” It’s mission is to attract as many girls into the game as possible in the hope that participants will develop a long-term interest in golf. The Pleasanton LPGA-USGA Chapter is one of 125 in this national program.

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Tournament Series

First Tee Tri-Valley offers 6 week tournament series, four times a year. These Saturday afternoon tournaments are perfect for players new to tournaments. The only requirment is the ability to play the course in double par. Kids are paired by age and gender. The last Saturday of each series includes a BBQ and awards ceremony.

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Family Activities

First Tee and the Pleasanton Golf Center host inexpensive fun family activities each summer. They include a campout on the golf course, swim parties, night golf, and more!<

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Outreach Programs

  • Local Golf Teams
    Provides affordable access to the local golf course to the golf teams of Tri-valley middle schools and high schools.
  • Easter Seals
    Provides weekly golf lessons to the Dublin Easter Seals group.
  • American Heart Association’s “Saving Strokes” Event
    Hosts an annual all-day event to introduce local stroke survivors to golf as a rehabilitation alternative, while enhancing public awareness about the symptoms of stroke with event talks and media coverage.